How to Order

Please contact Bob Clay at Riverwatch Rods or phone: 250-842-6447 to talk about your requirements.

Custom Ordering

*all prices in USD

fishingSingle handed rods 2 tip 2 piece. $1600
Single handed rods. 2 tips 3 piece. $1800
All double handed rods. 2 tips 3 piece $2500
All double handed rods 2 tips 4 piece $3000

25% deposit required –*all prices in US dollars- non-refundable – Orders can be changed up to 3 months before delivery date. it.
If you wish to pay for your order using Paypal please add 4%.

Please Note: Hand crafted Riverwatch Rods are only available from Bob Clay.
Riverwatch rods have been sent to Great Britain, Germany , Italy and the United States.

>Waiting time: Rods built in order of deposit. Waiting time varies. Please contact Riverwatch for details.

Warranty:   Lifetime for the original owner
You be the judge.  Failure due to the rod – repair free
Failure due to operator error- we would ask you to chip in to my retirement fund

Repairs: Please notify me by email before mailing. Send by parcel post in Canada or USPS in the US. Please print on the parcel: Returning to Manufacturer for Repair – No Value

A Little Essay on Grumpy Old Rod Builders

I often wondered why some of the older rod builders I new were so grumpy. One only as to look at the picture of Pinky Gillum in Martin Keanes book to see a classic grumpy looking rod builder.. By building I found out why. Often things don’t go quite right. You almost get a rod finished and something unforeseen happens and you have to start over. My friend Marty says your mistakes make good kindling. A lot of hard work is burnt up after many hours of work. Glenn tells me in his zen-like way that failures are a opportunity to learn. So the rigors of rod building do not suit everybody’s personality.

Another small point in rod building is the matter of choice. Rod builders go to a lot of effort to make a rod that will cast and feel just right. He has the right to feel proud of his creation and marks it proudly in the distinctive way he finishes his rod. To ask a builder to make changes to his masterpiece can often put him over the edge after a long day of challenging work. For this reason, I have a few choices available but not a lot. If you are going to purchase a Riverwatch Bamboo rod it will have the look of one.