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From time to time we have some rods in stock. Hey, no waiting time for these! They are rods I have made for display in various shows I attend or rods that were unclaimed at time of completion.

All are new, un-fished and complete. *all prices in USD
Check back for new releases!

Please contact Bob Clay at Riverwatch Rods or phone: 250-842-6447

NEW: 11 foot 5/6 5 sided, comp ferrule, bright fittings, spalted burl birch insert, 3 piece extra tip, bag, aluminum Riverwatch tube.
$2250 USD        SOLD


rod for sale

I made this rod for Jimmy V. He used it one time in Norway and being a long line caster decided it was not the rod for him.

Specs:  11 5/6 5 sided comp ferrules, around 360 Rio Scandi drip line rod. 4 piece two tips tube cloth bag. This rod, in the three-piece  version is my favourite on the Kispiox. I fish it with a 12 foot mono leader and a floating fly or a traditional wet. I also sometimes fish it with a heavily weight fly on the same setup. Gets down like a type three.

Contact me and I will put you in touch with owner